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Review by Token Theatre Friends

Richman-Weisband’s performance as Thelma is an ode to the caregivers of those who suffer from mental health issues. Richman-Weisband captures the growing desperation of a caregiver who has little left to give but wishes she could give more.

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Review by Neal Zoren of the Delco Times

Confession time: I did not like ‘Night Mother’ when I saw the original production with Anne Pitoniak and Kathy Bates. I found it melodramatic and sentimental. Not tonight. You personally made into a piece about reasoned suicide, made more touching because your Jessie was such a competent, clear-minded person, thoughtful and handy in ways that made her inner malaise so much more poignant. Most of all, you and Renee were so natural, so genuine on the stage tonight. Brava! Brava! Brave! (And Bravo to Neill and Damon Gelb.) I long to tell the world and hope more people see this excellent production of this thought-provoking play.